Pet First Aid Tips – Basics for Every Pet Owner

Our pets become members of our family and just like with any family member we want to be able to help them in case they are ill or have been hurt. This makes it important for all pet owners to take it upon themselves to learn some base pet first aid tips in the event the need arises where they must provide medical assistance to their pet. One of the first ways one can help their pets is to make sure they have their veterinarian’s number in easy access. It is also good to have the closest veterinarian emergency hospital’s number available as well.

Pet First Aid Kit

Many pet emergencies involve bites. Using basic pet first aid tips one can help their pet with this injury. The first thing to do is carefully approach the animal. Even a passive animal may bite when they are injured so it is best to muzzle the animal first. This can be done with a strip of cloth, tie, rope or other such material. First wrap the nose under the chin and then tie behind the ears.


Pet First Aid Kit

This will keep you safe while working on the animal. The wound will need to be cleaned with saline or regular water. If the wound is bleeding, pressure will need to be applied for ten minutes or until it stops. Once the bleeding stops, it should be bandaged to keep the area clean. If the wound is large or looks infected seek medical help.


If your animal stops breathing, time is of the essence as is one’s knowledge of pet first aid tips that can help their pet. It is important to check to make sure there is nothing that is obstructing their airflow in their mouth. Check their heartbeat. An animal’s heart is located in the lower half of the chest behind the front left leg. If you have a heartbeat but they are not breathing, then close their mouth and breathe into their nose until their chest expands. Do this 12 to 15 times per minute. If they have no heartbeat, you will need to massage the heart as well. This is done my gently compressing the heart.

Pet Mini First Aid Kit

As with any pet first aid tip, it is best to do some studying on these techniques to get the proper instructions so that should the need arise you are prepared to be there for your pet. It is always important to contact your veterinarian in any medical emergency so that they can help to guide you through what needs to be done until you can get your pet to them.