Blue Point Siamese Kittens

A Siamese cat is bred to be slim, yet well-muscled with a long body and tail and almond shaped eyes. The Siamese cat is characterized by a pointed color scheme. That is, the cats vary in appearance depending on their points, or genetically determined color qualities. Blue point Siamese kittens, for example, have distinct blue gray colored fur and blue eyes. They are quite lovely and striking. In addition to being pretty, they are also smart and affectionate creatures. That is why they are prized pets and have been for many years. In fact, Siamese cats are so well-liked that some of them have been residents of the White House and have starred in film.

Blue Point Siamese Kitten

If you are looking for blue point Siamese kittens, then look for a reputable breeder who has bred the kitten according to CFA (Cat Fancier Association) standards. One thing to keep in mind is to not jump to immediate conclusions that a kitten is in fact a blue point kitten. This might sound funny, but you should know that all Siamese cats are born pure white and only develop their points over time. If the kitten is younger than four weeks old when you first see it, you will not be able to determine if it is a blue point or not. A reputable breeder, however, will give you certification papers indication the lineage of your new cat as well as shot and health records.

Siamese cats are smart and affectionate creatures. In fact, Siamese cats are unlike other cats in that they become attached to their human family and require time and attention in much the same way as a dog requires daily attention. A Siamese cat is so smart that it also needs to be trained or order to prevent it from getting into things. This training is usually pretty easily managed and is really about providing proper stimulation for your cat so that it does not get itself into scrapes in the home. If you want to adopt blue point Siamese kittens, then this is something that you should be made aware of ahead of time.

Blue Point Siamese Kittens

Blue point Siamese kittens are lovely kittens that grow up to be lovely, affectionate cats. With proper time and attention, you might wind up with a companion for ten years or more. Since Siamese cats are so vocal, you likely will be greeted at the door each evening with hearty meows. A Siamese cat does know how to get its point across!